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Gorgeous… This book sings with insights about love, work and how we create our own families.” —
Brill's rich detail and research are hugely impressive; it's easy to envision the scenes she sees.” —USA Today
Brill's Hannah lights the way, like a comet, for women whose minds and hearts lead them beyond boundaries.” —People Magazine
A luxurious romance about stargazing and star-crossing.” —The Village Voice
...[C]onscientious, imaginative, honest, and fluid… The intertwining of cosmic exaltation and human longing, for good work and good love resonate throughout the novel.” —Barnes & Noble Review
Brill has created a compelling and likable character in Hannah Price... [her] search during a period of great discovery and advancement in astronomy, as well as her relationship with Isaac amid widespread abolitionist sentiments, adds up to a stirring historical drama.” —Booklist
...[A] well-researched, well-written and entirely believable story that readers will enjoy because the themes are timeless.” —Book Reporter
Amy Brill shines in her sparkling debut novel, The Movement of Stars, inspired by the work of a 19th-century female astronomer.” —Elissa Schappell, Vanity Fair
In spare yet luminous prose, Brill shows Hannah achieving emotional and spiritual growth to match her intellectual gifts…Probing yet accessible, beautifully written and richly characterized: fine work from a writer to watch.” —Kirkus, starred review
Brill’s debut raises thought-provoking questions on the limitations to achievement societies impose based on race, gender, or divergent beliefs. For readers…who savor the unfolding of a character’s emotional and intellectual development.” —Library Journal
In Hannah, Amy Brill has fashioned an extraordinary character and quiet hero—a woman who charts her own course, and who places knowledge and her own soul’s independence up with the highest, brightest stars...” —Paula Mclain, author of The Paris Wife
A spectacular debut. I cheered for Hannah Price, our feisty heroine, as
she unraveled the mystery of her own desires while burning a trail for other women to follow.” —Hannah Tinti, author of The Good Thief
Like a benevolent Creator, Brill sets in motion the twin stars of uncertainty and faith, passion and reason, and we are helpless to resist their pull.” —Sheri Holman, author of The Dress Lodger and Witches on the Road Tonight
A bittersweet story, movingly told...” —Daphne Kalotay, author of Russian Winter